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Our Premium Quality Packaged Frozen Raw Dog Food now available in the Forest of Dean, Wye Valley and surrounding areas of Gloucester, Chepstow, Monmouth:

Introducing our new Defra approved K9-Raw Exclusive Minced Meats Range made especially for us!  Supplying minced meats as well as raw meaty bones and carcasses for rawfeeding your dog.  All our minces are processed, packed and then blast frozen on the day of abattoir to retain freshness and quality to preserve the fragile omega oils.  Click here for Typical Analysis

Email:  info@k9raw.co.uk     Telephone:  01594 530327

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Who are we?

We run K9 Rescue from our base in the Forest of Dean and have been rawfeeding our rescues since 2006.  Through our work rescuing critically injured or sick dogs, we have become increasingly holistic in the care we give our dogs, as we’ve found natural methods aid in faster healing and also help with longevity and good health.  As a result of our positive experiences, we now promote holistic care and rawfeeding as one of our charity missions today. You can read more about this on our sister website:  www.rawfeddogs.org  Once our dogs are adopted, we discovered that our adopters were finding it difficult to continue their dogs raw diet with readily available, cost effective meats, so we set about to source high quality minces from predominantly grass fed meats and K9 Raw was formed…

What to buy?

There are many ways to feed raw food to your dog to meet it’s nutritional needs – in basic terms, based on the values provided by prey that would be caught in the wild, a dog needs:

80% meat, sinew, ligaments, fat
10% edible bone (can be up to maximum 20% if required)
5% liver
5% other organ meat

This can take the form of fresh whole meats including bone sourced from a local butcher, or by using the packaged raw we offer above as an affordable way to either supplement other raw foods, or as part of a complete diet.  Balance over time is the key, just as we meet our own nutritional needs with a variety of foods over the course of several days, there is no need to get caught up in precise calculations for every meal for your dog either; simply ensure they have enough variety over the course of a week or even month.

rawfed_dogEach dog is different, so some dogs do better on a higher bone content, especially when puppies are growing and cutting teeth, other dogs do better on a lower bone content – this is visible in the consistency of the stools – too much bone =  dry, crumbly stools, too little bone = loose stools. Liver must not be fed more than 5% over time, as the vitamins in liver are not water soluble.  Too much organ meat can also lead to loose stools, so the best advice is to monitor what you feed, and then observe what comes out and adjust accordingly!

It is advisable to start with just one meat type, with no added organ meat in the early weeks, and then once your dog is established on raw, provide a variety of different meat types over time, for optimal nutrition.  For a more detailed guide, please see our sister site here.

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